Real Estate Services steps in with compassionate, experienced guidance to handle what is usually the largest assets of an estate—real estate.

Our proactive services lead the PR (the Executor and Administrator is the estate's Personal Representative refered to as the PR)  to avoid the pitfalls, scrutiny and second-guessing from heirs, family, and friends by engaging communication with full transparency.  We emphasize the PR be mindful of the rules that govern the legal concerns related to their duty to the estate. 

While many aspects of real estate can be conducted remotely, some elements of a transaction require at least limited in-person activities.  Where in-person activities are necessary, we conduct business according to the most relevant state business guidance under COVID-19 Safety and Health Directives.


The Dauntless Group at Keller Williams is led by a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES), who has in turn trained each agent to offer that guidance that surpasses the generalist real estate agent.

In addition to analyzing the property to arrive at an accurate sales price and strategy – VALUATION, you will receive a detailed marketing plan based on the urgency of the estate. Our goal is to equip the PR (personal representative) to move through this legal responsibility with resources and confidence. Our duty is to manage every detail according to the local probate codes for the maximum benefit of the estate. 

  • There are 2  strategies to consider:  

    • Option #1 INVESTOR Transaction = Generally 25-30% below market.  Normally 30 days or less on the market.  Allow 15 days after accepted offer to close.

    • Option #2: Qualified RETAIL Buyer / Homeowner = pays top dollar based on condition, features and amenities.  Normally 90-180 days on the market.  Allow 45-60 days to close.