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Are you ready?

  • Examine your credit report for your score and inaccuracies.

    • Challenge all inaccuracies directly with all 3 credit bureaus 

    • If under 660 find resources to improve your score ​

      • Ask us for credit repair vendors 

  • Determine how much you can afford. 

    • Lender's generally use 1/3rd of your income as maximum monthly payment.​

      • 1/3rd should include principal, interest, taxes and insurance.​

    • Search our Down Payment Assistance tool to see local grants and programs that can cover your down-payment and/or closing costs for all income levels

  • Get pre-approved

    • Contact your bank  or credit union for pre-approval. ​

  • Search for a home

    • Determine the locations, style​s, features and amenities you desire 

    • We'll arrange tours to see homes at your convenience

  • Visit open houses

  • Submit an offer

    • We'll review cost to purchase with the costs to close before we submit the offer and will negotiate for a win-win for both parties

  • Get a home inspection

  • Get insurance quote

  • Get an appraisal

  • Renegotiate if necessary

  • Close the sale

  • Move in to your new home.

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